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What are the meals like?            

Meals are 1/3 of your recommended daily nutrition. The meals include meat, vegetable, starch (potato, pasta or rice) fruit, bread, dessert and milk.

When are the meals delivered?       

There are weekly and daily options for delivery, based on your preference. 

The day and time is determined by the meal recipient's address. 

Can I get meals started for my parent, grandparent or neighbor?             

Yes. Call us at 920-451-7011 and we will provide you with information on how to get someone

started. Be sure to leave a message on the answering machine if we are unable to answer your call.

Who delivers the meals?            

Quality individuals, church groups, businesses and service organizations from all over Sheboygan County volunteer to deliver meals. All of our volunteers have passed background checks.  

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What if I can’t afford meals?

Financial assistance may be available through the Aging and Disability Resource Center, or other organizations. Please call Fresh Meals On Wheels at 920-451-7011 for more information.

How soon can I get started?       

The average start up is two working days.

What if I am not home when the food is delivered?        

The food is returned to Meals On Wheels. If you know you will not be home, please call the office by 9:00 am the business day before to cancel the meal for that day.

Do you accommodate special diets?       

In addition to the general meal that is nutritionally correct for most seniors (low in fat, salt, and cholesterol) we offer six special diets: heart healthy, controlled carb, renal, gluten free, bland and lactose intolerant. We also offer mechanical (cut up), ground and pureed options.

What if I am having surgery and just need meals temporarily?    

Meals On Wheels is for anyone who needs it at any time, whether they are temporarily or permanently homebound. Many people use our service on a short term basis.

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How do I qualify to receive meals?         

The program is available for people of all ages who are home-bound or unable to prepare or obtain nutritional meals.

How do you define homebound?            

Homebound means that you rarely leave your home. Homebound people are able to go to doctor and dentist appointments and beauty salons, but they have difficulty doing so.

How much does it cost? How do I pay for the service? Meals On Wheels charges $7.90 per hot or frozen meal and $11.75/day for a dinner/supper (hot meal and cold meal) combo. Invoices are sent out at the end of the month for the meals you’ve received during the month.

Can someone other than the client be billed for the meals?         

Yes. Please call Fresh Meals On Wheels at 920-451-7011 for more details.

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