Our Fresh Approach  WATCH THE VIDEO

No other Meals On Wheels program in the country is doing what we're doing here in Sheboygan County. We're a model for other programs that want to adapt a local, fresh food approach in their own communities.


Growing Together as a Community

We've partnered with local farmers and gardeners who grow and donate a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to use in our nutritious meals.

In 2014, 11 raised beds were built behind our facility and another 18 were built in partnership with WPS. Volunteers help plant, grow, and harvest produce for meals.

Our No waste Process and partnerships in the community mean extra produce donations that will not be used in meals can be shared with local food pantries.


Pears donated by Christopher Farm and Gardens.

Donated carrots being processed by volunteers.


“The new menus are so very good!
 The meats are particularly flavorful –
  and I like the rolls instead of bread.”



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